The Boys’ Choir of Uppsala Cathedral

The Uppsala Cathedral Boys’ Choir is the oldest and one of the most well-known boys’ choirs in Sweden. Today it has about 70 members, of whom about 50 are members of the so-called Big Concert Choir. This Concert choir concists of the ordinary setup with sopranos, altos, tenors and bases. There are also two preparatory groups, called “The small boys choir”, to which all eight-year-old boys in Uppsala are invited to apply once a year. This results in 15-20 new singers each year.

Uppsala Cathedral Boys’s Choir usually has two rehearsals a week; one with only sopranos and one together with altos, counter tenors, tenors and bases. In preparation for concerts the number of rehearsals are of course considerably raised. The choir performs in the morning services in the Cathedral about once per month. Besides, extensive concerts and touring activities are pursued in Sweden and in other countries, usually European.

In recent years, the choir has, among others, performed the following major works: Byrd’s Mass For Four Voices, Vivaldi’s Gloria, Mozart’s Mass in C (The Coronation Mass), and Fauré’s Requiem. Händel´s Ode for St. Cecilia´s day

The choir often makes tours in order to present itself to a wider audience, to represent the Cathedral Parish, and to enhance the social and musical development of the choir members. This usually gives opportunities to meet with other European boy’s choirs. On such occassions valuable musical contacts are established. The tours in recent years have gone to Finland (1998,1999,2008), Poland (1999), Estonia (2001), Spain (2002), Norway (2004), Czech republic/Denmark (2006), Germany (2008,2012,201), France (2012), Austria (2015) and the USA (2010).


Margareta Raab got her education at the folk high school Geijerskolan in Ransäter in Western Sweden and at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. For 15 years she was employed as church musician and choir leader in Oscar’s Church in Stockholm, where she conducted five children’s boys’ and youth choirs. This employment led to the recording of a number of CD’s. She is often engaged as a guest conductor and as lecturer on children’s and youth choir methodology.

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You may look at pictures from the choirs’ tours and other musical events in the picture gallery!

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